Rules and Regulation


At RMK Group of Institutions, the robust knowledge-impart is built on the pedestal of Discipline. It is believed that Success begins with self - discipline and that it keeps the individual growing. Discipline is the way of life at the portals of RMK Group of Institutions and hence has shaped copious responsible citizens along with the academic merit.

The College normally works for 7 periods from 8.30 a.m. Students are required to be regular and punctual to the classes. Students shall reach the college by the college bus and strictly not by their own or private vehicles. Students shall necessarily have their Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks provided in the College Mess.

Students shall be seated in the Lecture Halls 5 minutes prior to the commencement of the class. Students shall always maintain perfect discipline inside the Lecture/ Drawing Halls /Laboratories/Workshop and during any occasions. Movement outside the classroom in between lectures shall be minimum and for valid reasons only.

Students shall bring Calculators everyday and carry Drawing Instruments, Charts, Observation notebooks for the laboratory classes as per the academic schedule. Record of Experiments done in a class shall be submitted in the next laboratory class.

Mobile phones or possession of any electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited inside the campus.


Students shall attend all the Tests and show good academic progress. Absenting from regular classes would be strictly monitored and absenteeism during the Tests would be viewed with utmost stern.

Regularity in writing the Tests and satisfactory performance of students in Tests are essential to permit the students to appear for the end semester examinations at the end of the year. Any student found indulging in malpractice during the Tests/ Model Examinations/End Semester Examinations would be debarred from appearing for the rest of the Examinations.


All students shall wear clean, formal and appropriate dress. Gentlemen shall wear trousers with shirts neatly tucked in. They are expected to wear shoes and sport Identity card. T-shirts, Jeans and other casuals are strictly prohibited in the campus during normal working hours. Ladies shall wear sarees or churidars. Half sarees, midis, Kurtis, Patialas, Short Tops are prohibited in the campus. All students shall wear the appropriate uniforms that are stipulated for Practical classes.


Students are expected to maintain 100%attendance. However, a minimum of 80% attendance is to be maintained to enable a student to perform better in the end semester examination. For further details the student can refer to the norms of the Institution.


Students are expected to pay the fees before the specific date as notified by the college. Fees once paid will not be refunded. Even if a student discontinues the course, he/she must pay the fee for the entire Course. Parents and Visitors are permitted to meet their children/wards only after the College working hours and after taking permission from the Principal.

Students are expected to use courteous and polite language with members of the staff and maintain decorum inside and outside the campus.

The Indian Overseas Bank, Kavaraipettai (Code No: 622) provides Banking facilities at the College for the benefit of the faculty and students. Students are advised to open a Savings Account in the IOB and Parents are advised to carry out all their financial transactions with their wards directly through the Savings Accounts/DDs only. IOB ATM is available in the Main Block to ease the financial dealings of the students.