Welcome To RMKCET

The RMK group of educational institutions began their educational services in the early nineties and for the past 25 years it is their sustained hard work and dedication that has carved on niche in the field of engineering education. RMK College of Engineering and Technology was established in 2008.

The motto of the college is very lofty. Safety and security is given top priority, then impeccable discipline. All are provided with good food, when these are made available engineering education becomes a child’s play. Teachers carefully nurture the young ones in the field of engineering and their mode of inspiring the students is available only here...

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NISP                                             Green Campus

Our Courses

Why Choose RMKCET


Cool, Cozy and Comfortable environment that exudes warmth and imbibes the students in happiness and gets them ready for the best teaching-learning process.


A willing management team that comes to the aid and to guide everyone at all levels without minding any inconvenience or expense. The deliberations between management and everyone is impartial and transparent that leads to worthy conclusions which causes the blossoming of a mighty relationship among all.


Best in its class. Whatever one needs for learning is provided at a wink of an eye. Buildings are aplenty, equipment is in abundance and 24x7 power supply for all. Right atmosphere for learning and research.


The faculty leaves no stone unturned in paying individual attention to students who in turn respond with great enthusiasm. Everyone who is associated with the process of teaching contributes their might conscientiously and willingly, and it reaches a new high.

Placement and Training

Placement Training is given continuously from the first year itself. Every step of ours takes the students towards academic excellence, social awareness and good placement. The qualities of excellence, compassion, loyalty, and the will to win are infused in them slowly and steadily so that ultimately these qualities are imbibed in their mind and soul.

Food & Transport

The quality of food served is excellent, incomparable and an invite to the taste buds of everyone who walks into the mess hall.

The transport network covers the entire city and suburbs, and provides safe and comfortable journey to the college and back home.