Academic Research

Faculty Members who have been recognized as a Ph.D supervisor with Anna University Chennai and/or other Universities

S.No. Department Name of the Supervisor Area of Specialization of Supervisor Recognized as PhD Supervisor No.of Research Scholar Guiding
CSE Dr. N. Sankar Ram Software Architecture Anna University, Chennai 11
ECE Dr. N.Gangatharan Telecommunication engineering, Bio medical signal processing, Digital signal processing Anna University,
St.Peter’s university,
Bharath University
ECE Dr.C.Arun VLSI design and Wireless Communication Anna University, Chennai,
St.Peter’s university,
Sathyabama University
ECE Dr. T.M.Inbamalar Digital Signal Processing,Image Processing,Bioinformatics Anna University, Chennai 02
EEE Dr. Kalaiarasi Electrical Drives Anna University, Chennai 04
MECH Dr. M.Balasubramanian Manufacturing Anna University, Chennai 06
MECH Dr. P.K.Devan Thermal Sciences Anna University, Chennai 04
IT Dr.T.Gnansekaran Wireless Communication Anna University, Chennai 04
S&H(General Engg.) Dr. S. Bhagavathi Perumal Civil Engineering Anna University, Chennai
Bharath University, Chennai
Dr. M.G.R. Educational and Research Institute, Chennai
S&H (Mathematics) Dr. K.A. Selvakumaran Complex Analysis, Geometric Function Theory, Special Functions Anna University, Chennai
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore

Faculty Members Doing Ph.D

S.No. Name of the Faculty Member Department Name of the Supervisor/Institution Research Title Research Commencement Date Status
Mr. Shanmugasundaram M CSE Dr. Ravi Kumar G, ANNA UNIVERSITY Disaster Management Using Data Mining Jan 2012 Doing Course Work
Ms. Akila K CSE Dr.Chitrakala S, ANNA UNIVERSITY Image and Video Processing Jun 2011 Completed Course work
Mr. Naresh Sammeta CSE Dr. Jagadeesh Kannan R, VIT UNIVERSITY Cloud Computing June 2012 Doing Course Work
Mr. Karthik E CSE Dr. T. Sethukkarasi, RMKEC Big Data Analytics June 2015 Doing Course Work
Ms. Indra Priyadharshini CSE Dr. Vigilson, RMDEC Data Mining June 2015 Doing Course Work
Ms. T. Surya Prabha CSE Dr. T. Sethukkarasi, RMKEC Sensor Networks June 2015 Doing Course Work
Ms. Shiny Irene D CSE Dr. Sethukarasi T, RMKEC Prognosis in Neonate Pain Intensity Assessment Using Matrix Factorization Jan 2015 Doing Course Work
Ms. Kannagi V ECE Dr. Jawahar A, SSN Antenna Design Jan 2014 Doing Coursework
Ms. Sesha Vidhya.S ECE Dr. Rukumanidevi S, RMDEC Antenna Design Jan 2015 Doing Coursework
Ms. Praveena N.G. ECE Dr. Helenprabha K, RMDEC Wireless Networks Jan 2011 Near Completion
Mr. Muthumanickam S ECE Dr. Arun C, RMKCET DIP & VLSI June 2012 Conformation completed
Mr. Kannan K ECE Dr. Devaraju M Communication Networks Jul 2011 Confirmation Done
Mr.R.Vijayananth ECE Dr.S.Rukmani Devi, RMDEC Image & Video Processing June 2015 Doing Course Work
Mr. Manikandan A ECE Dr. Balasubhadra K, RMDEC Cross layer design Jan 2011 Conformation completed
Mr. Sathiyaraj P ECE Dr.C.Srinivasan, RMDEC Cognitive Radio networks June 2015 Doing Course Work
Mr.M.Babu ECE Dr.G.A.Sathishkumar, SVCE Cryptography & VLSI June 2015 Doing Course Work
Mr. Gunalan K EEE Dr. Sharmeela C, ANNA UNIVERSITY Study and Analysis of LVRT Capability of Wind Turbine June 2012 Waiting for confirmation
Ms. Catherine T. J EEE Dr. Ramkumar S, SKIT,Coimbatore Modelling and Simulation of UPFC Jun 2011 Confirmation Completed
Mr. Umashankar L EEE Dr. Kalaiarasi N, RMKCET Fault Diagnosis in High Voltage Apparatus Jan 2011 Waiting for synopsis meeting
Ms. Bindu K V EEE Dr. Justus Rabi B, SAACE DSP based Three Phase Current Injection Rectifier Jan 2011 Waiting for synopsis meeting
Mr. Dilavar Basha K EEE Dr. Jamuna K, VIT University, Chennai Islanding Detection of micro grid using wavelet transform July 2013 Waiting for confirmation
Ms. B.Nagarani EEE DR.N.M.Jothi Swaroopan, RMK Engineering College Battery Energy Storage System in wind Energy conversion system June 2015 Doing Course Work
N.Hariharan EEE Dr.N.Kalaiarasi, Professor/Head, RMKCET New power factor correction topology June 2015 Doing Course Work
Dr. Loganathan T G MECH Dr. K. Chandrasekaran, Prof/RMK Engg College Experimental Investigation on Flexural response of GFRP composite laminate July 2009 Completed
Dr. Senthil Kumar S MECH Dr. K.Purushothaman, St.Peter’s Engg College An Experimental Investigation on Diesel Engine using Rubber Seed Oil as an Alternate Fuel Jan 2011 Completed
Mr. Senthil Gavaskar S MECH Dr. Uma Chandrasekar, PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY Online Buying Behavior of Customers Dec 2010 Course work completed
Mr. BIBIN C MECH Dr. Seenikannan P, SETHU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Experimental Investigation on Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery From IC Engines Feb 2011 Confirmation Completed
Mrs. Renugadevi K MECH Dr. Devan P.K., RMKCET Development of Pultruded Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites with Improved Properties Jul 2013 Course work completed
Mr. Saravanan M MECH Dr. Sureshbabu A, ANNA UNIVERSITY A Micromechanical Model for Predicting Thermal Propertiesof Knitted Fabrics Used in Heating Elements Dec 2013 Course work completed
Mr.K.Vinothkumar MECH Dr.R.Pavendhan, Govt Engg College Villupuram Friction and Wear behavior of Cu based Composites June 2014 Course work completed
Mr. R.Ashokkumar MECH Dr.A.Devaraju, Adhi Engineering College Tribological properties Aluminium based composites June 2015 Course work is in progress
Mr.S.Arunkumar MECH Dr. Senthil, Sethu Institute of Technology Tribological properties Aluminium based composites June 2015 Course work is in progress
Mr. S.Gopinath MECH Dr.P.K.Devan, Prof/Mech, RMKCET Alternate fuel for DI Diesel Engines June 2015 Course work is in progress
Ms.Durgadevi P IT Dr. Srinivasan S, RMD Cloud Computing Jul 2011 Finished Course Work
Ms. A. Ramadevi S&H (English) Dr. Sita, Pondicherry University Marrital Disharmony and Family Disintegration in the select novels of Shashi Deshpande, Gita Hariharan and Anita Nair Aug 2008 Abstract submitted
Mr. J. Leo Amalraj S&H (Mathematics) Dr.M.Maria Susai Manuel, RMD Engineering college Qualitative Properties of difference equations Nov 2013 Course work Completed
Ms. P. Hema S&H (Mathematics) Dr. V. Vinoba, K. N. Govt. Arts College Analysis of Network security using Game theory In WSN July 2013 Course work Completed
Mr. T. Harikrishnan S&H (Mathematics) Dr. A. Rafi, Quid-e-Millath Govt. College for Men, Chennai Statistical Methods and Management July 2013 Confirmation Completed
Mr. K. Sudhakar S&H (Chemistry) Dr. R. Nanthini Biomedical Applications of Nano polyesters May 2013 Confirmation Completed
Ms. N. Saikumari S&H (Chemistry) Dr. G. R. Rajarajeswari, CEG, Chennai Photo catalytic degradation of organic pollutants in water Jan 2011 Confirmation Completed
Ms. G. Vasukidevi S&H (General Engineering) Dr. R.Sethukkarasi, R.M.K. Engineering College Faster Algorithm for Matrix Multiplication Jan 2014 Course work Completed