Factory Automation Centre of Excellence

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The objective of this Centre of Excellence is to develop factory automation skills of students that matches the industry expectations. Factory Automation CoE has been established in collaboration with M/s Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.


  • 17 Oct 2015: Mitsubishi Electric India Private Limited has offered high tech Factory Automation and Switchgear Products and has set its motion through the "Empowering Express", which is a virtual industrial showroom-on-wheels bristling with technology visited RMK Campus.
  • 24 Aug 2015: First level students training program on Programmable Logic Controller and its application was started on 24.08.2015 for 22 III year (2013-17) EEE students domain.
  • 25 Feb 2015: Mitsubishi Electric India (MEI) Signed MoU with R.M.K. Group of Institutions to train students to be Industry Ready.

Students Trained

S.No. Batch No.of Students
2013-17 22

Factory Automation Team

Factory Automation CoE Coordinator

Assistant Professor
Department of EEE
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