Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Journal of Hybrid Computing Research
Journal of Analysis and Computation
Journal of Advance Research in Computer Engineering
Journal of Software Engineering and Technology
Journal of Software Project Management and Quality Assurance
Indian Journal of Robotics Applications
Indian Journal of Computer Graphics and Visualization
Indian Journal of Computer Engineering and Networks
Advances in Computational Intelligence Research
Indian Journal of Wireless Networks and Communications
Indian Journal of Data Mining & Warehouse
Indian Journal of Soft Computing Processing and Technique

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Indian Journal of Wireless and Mobile Communications
Indian Journal of Image Processing and Technique
Indian Journal of Advances in Communication Engineering
Indian Journal of VLSI Design
Indian Journal of Microwave Science and Technology
Journal on Electronics Engineering
Journal on Communication Engineering & Systems (JCS)
Journal on Wireless Communication Networks (JWCN)
IOSR Journal of Electronics and Communication Engineering (IOSR-JECE)
IOSR Journal of VLSI and Signal Processing (IOSR-JVSP)
Journal of Intellectual Property Rights
Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
Journal of Scientific Temper
The IUP Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
The IUP Journal of Telecommunications
IETE Journal of Research
IETE Technical Review
IETE Journal of Education

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Journal on Electrical Engineering
Journal on Future Engineering and Technology
TERI Journal on Information Digest on Energy and Environment (TIDEE)
Journal in Electrical and Electronics Industry ( IEEMA )
Indian Journal of Embedded System in Engineering Research
Indian Journal of Systems in Engineering and Electronics

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Journal of Mechanics and MEMS
Journal of Energy Storage and Conversion
Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technology
Journal of Tribology Research
Journal of Metallurgical Engineering
Indian Journal of Advanced Materials Science
Indian Journal of Advances in Applied Computational Mechanics
Indian Journal of Advances in Mechanical Engineering
Indian Journal of Fluids Engineering
Indian Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
Indian Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications
Indian Journal of Applied Engineering Research

Department of Science & Humanities

Journal on Educational Psychology
Journal on Educational Technology
IOSR Journal of Mathematics
Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics
Indian Journal of Chemistry, Section A
Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences