Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

VLSI Design Laboratory

Objectives & Outcomes

The student should be made to:

  • To learn Hardware Descriptive Language(Verilog/VHDL)
  • To learn the fundamental principles of VLSI circuit design in digital and analog domain
  • To familiarise fusing of logical modules on FPGAs
  • To provide hands on design experience with professional design (EDA) platforms.
  • At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Write HDL code for basic as well as advanced digital integrated circuits.
  • Import the logic modules into FPGA Boards.
  • Synthesize, Place and Route the digital IPs.
  • Design, Simulate and Extract the layouts of Analog IC Blocks using EDA tools.
  • List of Major Equipments & Software





    FPGA Kits with

    XILINX Simulator


    LT Spice

    Area in Sq.mts

    255.39 Sq.m

    Lab Incharge


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