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The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering offers consultancy services in state-of-the-art Antenna Design, RF System Design and Transmitter and Receiver Design for Wireless applications like Underwater Communications, Space, Defense, Vehicular Tracking, Coverage and in-building solutions.

Our senior faculty members are specialized in design of Antennas, Protocols and other wireless devices in the active and passive modes. Our department also provides customized trainings to individuals and teams on various domains in Wireless Technologies.

Our expertise includes design and development of Antennas and RF Components for certain Wireless applications including the following.

Research Areas in Antennas

  • Smart Antenna based Base stations and Access points
  • Fractal Antennas
  • Chip antennas
  • Reflector Antennas
  • Array Antennas
  • Low Profile Broadband Antennas
  • Planar Antennas based on Novel geometries
  • Objective in Antenna Design

  • Our objective of antenna design is unique design in terms of performance, size and cost. Single, Multiband and Wide band Operations
  • High efficiency and gain
  • Wider coverage and Longer range
  • Operation in Multi antenna environments with Minimal coupling
  • Pattern, Polarization and Spatial Diversity for MIMO systems
  • Miniaturization and low profile
  • Cost reduction
  • RF Design Areas

    Our team has RF circuit design experts working in the following areas:

  • Passive Circuits like Filters, Couplers and Power dividers
  • Designing of switching networks and switch matrix
  • Active Circuits like Amplifiers, Oscillators, Frequency synthesizers and Mixers
  • RF Board design for Single and Multi layers board with EMI compliance
  • Beam forming Networks such as Phase shifters


    S.No. Project Title Agency& Amount Period Principal Investigator Co-Investigator Status
    1 Design and Implementation of Dual Blind Detection Robust Watermarking for Multimedia security in FPGA ISRO & 12,98,000 2.5 Years(2015-2017) Dr. C.Arun Mr.Muthu Manickam S On going


    S.No. Name of the Programme Funding Agency Amount Coordinator Co-coordinators Date of Program
    1 IET Sponsored One Day Workshop on 'IOT - Security & Challenges In Sensor Networks' IET 10,000 Dr.C.Arun Mr.Ramachandran R 22.07.2017
    2 IET Sponsored One Day Workshop on 'Solar and Smart Energy Systems in Present & Future' IET 10,000 Ms.Kannagi. V Ms. Dhivya K 14.07.2017
    3 One day Seminar on Cloud Computing IET 10,000 Dr. Padmavathy T.V Ms. Praveena N.G 07.03.2016
    4 National Level One Day Workshop on Pioneer to Discover with Internet of Things (P2DIOT-16) IET 20,000 Dr.C.Arun Mr. Sathya Raj P 07.03.2016
    5 One day workshop on Awareness on Terahertz Technology IET 10,000 Dr.K.G.Shanthi Ms.Vijayakumari D 19.09.2015
    6 One day workshop on Brain Computer Interface Development and Simulation IET 10,000 Ms.N.Nimitha Ms.S.Poovizhi,Ms.Aarthi K G 19.09.2015
    7 Ignition of New, Creative IET 10,000 Dr.C.Arun Ms.K.Sangeetha lakshmi 19.09.2015
    8 National Level Workshop On Xplore Robotics IET 10,000 Dr.C.Arun Mr.Babu M 09.03.2015
    9 National Level Workshop on How to Implement Solar Energy IET 10,000 Dr.C.Arun Ms. Kavitha R 03.01.2015
    10 International Conference on Recent Trends in Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Communication IET 10,000 Dr.C.Arun Mr.Ramachandran R 15.12.2014
    11 International Conference on Recent Trends In Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Communication ISTE 10,000 Dr.C.Arun Mr.K.Kannan 15.12.2014
    12 One Day National Conference NCRASPCc-2014 IET 10,000 Dr.C.Arun Mr.Muthu manickam S 10.02.2014
    13 Two Days Seminar on MIMO Wireless Communications & Future Networks AICTE 1,40,000 Dr.C.Arun Mr.Muthu manickam S 02.12.2013



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    Department of ECE
    R.S.M. Nagar, Puduvoyal, Gummidpoondi Taluk
    Thiruvallur District, Tamil Nadu
    India. Pin Code: 601 206.
    Phone : 044 - 3330 3634
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