Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Linear Integrated Circuits Lab

Objectives & Outcomes

The student should be made to:

  • To expose the students to linear and integrated circuits
  • To understand the basics of linear integrated circuits and available ICs.
  • To understand characteristics of operational amplifier
  • To apply operational amplifiers in linear and nonlinear applications.
  • To acquire the basic knowledge of special function IC.
  • To use PICE software for circuit design
  • At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Design oscillators and amplifiers using operational amplifiers.
  • Design filters using Opamp and perform experiment on frequency response.
  • Analyse the working of PLL and use PLL as frequency multiplier.
  • Design DC power supply using ICs.
  • Analyse the performance of oscillators and multivibrators using SPICE
  • List of Major Equipments & Software





    Digital Multimeter

    Digital IC Tester

    IC Tester (Analog)

    Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

    Dual Power Supply

    Function Generator (3MHz)

    Linear IC Trainer Kits

    Analog Trainer Kits

    ADC & DAC Measurements & Controller

    DMA Interface Board

    Key Board & Display Interface Board

    Stepper Motor Control with Motor

    Temperature Controller


    PSPICE Simulator

    Area in Sq.mts

    255.39 Sq.m

    Lab Incharge


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