Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Communication Systems Laboratory

Objectives & Outcomes

The student should be made to:

  • To visualize the effects of sampling and TDM
  • To Implement AM & FM modulation and demodulation fiber
  • To implement PCM & DM
  • To implement FSK, PSK and DPSK schemes
  • To implement Equalization algorithms
  • To implement Error control coding schemes
  • At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Simulate end-to-end Communication Link.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge in base band signaling schemes through implementation ofFSK, PSK and DPSK
  • Apply various channel coding schemes & demonstrate their capabilities towards theimprovement of the noise performance of communication system
  • Simulate & validate the various functional modules of a communication system
  • List of Major Equipments & Software





    AM Transmitter & Superheterodyne AM Receiver Kit

    FM Transmitter & Superheterodyne FM Receiver Kit

    PAM, PPM & PWM Trainer Kit

    PCM, DM & ADM Trainer Kit

    Sampling Trainer Kit

    Digital Storage Oscilloscope (50MHz)

    Line Coding & Decoding Kit

    ASK, FSK & PSK Trainer Kit

    QPSK Trainer Kit

    TDM & FDM Trainer Kit

    CRO ( 30 MHz)

    Function Generator (3 MHz )

    Area in Sq.mts

    255.39 Sq.m

    Lab Incharge


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