Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering



  • To evolve as a centre of academic excellence in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

  • To mould the personality of young professionals by nurturing their leadership qualities and equip them with a global outlook for professional practice as Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


  • Transformative education that nurtures thinking individuals who are alive to the opportunities to make a difference in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

  • To inculcate values of sincerity, honesty, team spirit and flexibility to become valued members of the society.


  • The graduates of the Program will have a solid foundation in Mathematics, Sciences, Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • The graduates of the Program will have the ability to identify, analyse, innovate, design and develop hardware / software products for Electrical as well as Electronics industries.
  • The graduates of the Program will have the ability to excel in profession through effective communication, teamwork, leadership skills and ethical behavior.
  • The graduates of the Program will have the ability to acquire knowledge in cutting-edge technologies, affinity for higher education, multidisciplinary approach and necessary innovations to solve the real world problems with life-long learning skills.


About the Department

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was established in the academic year 2008-2009 with an annual intake of 60 students with a firm commitment to develop and produce quality electrical engineers with high technical knowledge and good practical ability combined with leadership skills. The Graduates from Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department are proving their worth in diverse industries and conduct research in a broad spectrum of areas. The Department excels in producing graduates capable of taking leadership positions in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Faculties for the Department are selected from the best academics with vast experience in various specializations like Control Systems, Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Power Electronics and Drives, Applied Electronics etc. The department maintains the student, staff ratio of 15:1 and Faculty cadre ratio of 1: 2: 6 as per the norms and guidelines of AICTE. All the faculty members are either Doctorates or Master Degree holders. A majority of our faculty members are pursuing their PhD programs at various universities. All the faculty members are made to attend FDPs and workshops regularly to develop their teaching and research skills. The faculty members are sponsored to visit countries like Sri Lanka for presenting their research papers. Faculties are encouraged to be members of various professional bodies such as IEEE, ECS, ISTE, IETE,AMIE etc.

The Department is consistently producing very good academic results in the Anna University examinations since inception. The Department is regularly organizing Conferences, Symposium and Workshops which will enable the students to have exposure to the current trends and development. Our students are encouraged to participate in symposia, conferences, workshops, etc. regularly in other colleges and universities and they have won prizes for various events. Eminent experts from IITs and Anna University and Industries visit to deliver Guest Lectures. The students’ Chapters of ISTE and IETE help to bring out the hidden talents of students. Besides academics, the students excel in sports and games and win prizes in events organized by other universities and colleges.

The Training and Placement Cell organizes various training programs by renowned expert trainers from industries and multinational companies to improve the oral and written skills and aptitude skills, of students so that they can be easily hired by leading core and IT industries. The first batch of students (2008-2012) 83% of students got placement through campus interviews in leading IT industries such as L&T Infotech, TCS, HCL, Accenture and WIPRO Technologies, Inautix Technology etc. In the second batch of students (2009-2013) 92% of students got placed through campus placement in leading IT industries such as, Accenture Services India Ltd and WIPRO Technologies Ltd, CSS Corp Ltd, Honeywell Automation India Ltd etc.

The Central and Department libraries have good collection of around 3000 volumes of text and reference books exclusively for EEE department. Apart from IEEE, ASSP, SPRINGER LINK, Science Direct online journals, the library subscribes a good number of printed national journals, to promote research culture.



The Department is equipped with latest infrastructure and equipped laboratories to cater to the needs of students and the training needs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Students are encouraged to gain practical experience under the guidance of faculty in

  • Electrical Machines Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Control Systems Laboratory
  • Power System Simulation Laboratory
  • Centralized Microprocessors Laboratory
  • Digital Logic Design Laboratory
  • Linear Integrated and Circuits Laboratory
  • Electron Devices Laboratory
  • Engineering Practices Laboratory

Academic-industrial interactions are created by organizing, industrial visits, in plant training and regular soft skill development training programmes. Free internet access is provided to students to update their knowledge.



The performance of the students in every test is carefully analyzed and individual academic records are maintained throughout their stay here in a well designed format. Special evening classes are conducted for select students to help them and bring them to the main stream through individual attention. The mentoring system followed in the department ensures continuous interaction with students and counseling as needed. At RMKCET parents are an integral part of the institution and regular communications is sent to them, informing them of the progress of the students from time to time.

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