Department of Computer Science and Engineering

GE6674 Communication Skills Laboratory


English enhances the employability of students. It enriches a high-degree of proficiency in English Language. It is the language of opportunities. It enables the students to expedite the process of improving learning skills, with more emphasis on LSRW (Learning, Speaking, Reading & Writing).T hese labs train the students in Language Skills, Soft Skills, Inter Personal Skills, Decision Making, Business Communication, Pre-Placement Training, Corporate Readiness, GRE etc.

The main aim of this labs is to improve Communication Skills in formal and informal situations. It is also to impart training to students through the syllabus in its theoretical aspects and practical components.
The lab is equipped with 72 Advanced Pentium Systems which also has high quality audio & video capabilities.
Software Packages available:

  • Globarena
  • K-Van Solutions

Scope of Case Tools

Communication skills are very important for the Students to get placements easily. communication skills lab established to improve listening and speaking skills and interview skills to the students.

Area in Sq.mts

250 Sq.m

Lab Incharge

1. Mr. Sankara Subramanian R, Professor

2. Ms. JAYALAKSHMI V, Assistant Professor

Technical Assistant